Attitude Wheelchair Handbikes

Attitude – Manual

attitude manual
The ideal hand bike for improving your strength, stamina and cardio through recreational cycling.
The Attitude Manual wheelchair hand bike is ideal for those looking to improve their strength and overall stamina through recreational cycling. 20“ Front wheels and the 30 speed gearing provide an exceptional driving performance which is perfect for all terrains. And the powerful disk brake allows a smooth speed control. Lightweight and easily manoeuvrable, the Attitude Manual hand bike it‘s the perfect compliment to your active lightweight wheelchair.
Whether you want to get fit or feel more energised – the Manual Attitude add-on gives you the opportunity to improve your health and push your stamina to the limits. Achieve your fitness goals and experience the exhilaration!


Attitude – Power

attitude power

The hand bike with 100% powered propulsion for off-road terrain or cruising the streets with speed.
The Attitude Power hand bike provides you with 100 % powered propulsion from your comfort of your wheelchair. Relieving the strain on your upper-body, there’s no need to worry about hill inclines or travelling distance – so you’re free to relax and enjoy the ride.
Hit off-road terrain or experience the open road at exhilarating speeds of up to 23kph. Commutes to work, cruising the shops and days out with the family become effortless with the full power add-on.


Attitude – Hybrid

attitude hybrid

The wheelchair hand bike that combines manual cycling with powered propulsion.
The Attitude Hybrid wheelchair hand bike combines all of the health benefits of manual cycling with the reliability of powered propulsion. Helping to reduce fatigue, the powered motor can be engaged whenever you encounter a tricky hill-climb or just to provide you with that little extra speed when you need it.
Breakthrough your boundaries and explore using the Hybrid Attitude. The automatic motor smoothly engages when you start to cycle and enables you to keep up on faster bike rides, tackle rough terrain and steep inclines not possible with the manual version.

Options & Accessories
• Rear View Mirror
• Bottle Holder
• Luggage Carrier
Technical Data –– Manual / Power/ Hybrid

Attitude Manual Power Hybrid
Max User Weight 100kg 100kg 100kg
Front Frame Width (adj. + 2cm) 26 – 46cm 26 – 46cm 26 – 46cm
Hardware Weight on Chair 0.2kg 0.2kg 0.2kg
Total Bike Weight 14.5kg 21.5kg 15.3kg
Wheel Size 20” 20” 16”
Max. Motor Speed 24kph 6kph & 23kph
Motor 250W 250W
Battery 14.5Ah 9Ah & 13.4Ah
Gearing Shifter Trigger / Grip Shift Trigger / Grip Shift
Gearing Speeds 8 & 30 10
V-crank Width 470mm 470mm
Crank Length 170mm 170mm
Brake Disc (160mm) Disc (160mm) Disc (160mm)
Parking Brake Yes Yes Yes
Frame Colour 31 colours 31 colours 31 colours