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June 8, 2015
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Mobility. Independence. Freedom.

The FreeWheel is designed to be used on a manual rigid frame or folding wheelchair. The FreeWheel allows you to easily and safely traverse any rough terrain. Whether it’s the urban jungle that is NYC, going to your child’s soccer game … or a triathlon, the FreeWheel is the answer.

Weighing less than 5 lbs. it is easy to install … and when you go inside, it easily stores on a “perch” on the back of your chair, which is included with the FreeWheel.

With the FreeWheel your wheelchair casters are lifted off the ground, turning your chair into a 3-wheeler, so you simply roll over any obstacle: curbs, dirt trails, grass, gravel, snow, and sand.

No more wasting energy and slowing down to pop a wheelie.

The FreeWheel comes with all you need to set it up on your chair. The initial installation takes approximately 15 min., after that the FreeWheel clamps on in seconds.

Strolling, exercising, hiking, or just checking the mailbox, is so much easier with the FreeWheel. Grass, curbs, and rough roads can be easily navigated to hep you in your quest for independence. This is a new product attaches to your existing wheelchair that allows you to push over surfaces that would typically be impossible!


Will it fit on my chair?
Yes! The FreeWheel is designed to fit on most manual, rigid frame wheelchair footrests. When you get your FreeWheel you are provided with all the necessary parts to make sure your own personal FreeWheel fits perfectly and securely.

How big is the FreeWheel?

The FreeWheel weighs just 5 lbs. and is approximately 2 feet long. The light weight, yet compact design, makes it the perfect attachment to any manual wheelchair. As seen in the video, I can handle it easily and I’m a quad!

Does the lifting of the casters make you want to tip backwards?

No. The small weight out front more than makes up for the backwards tilt. In other words, when I push up my ramp into my van while using my FreeWheel, I don’t have to lean as far forward to keep from wheeling. I like this!

Click here to download the PDF for more information about the FreeWheel