JAY Basic Adult and Paediatric Cushion from Wheelchairs Ireland
JAY Basic Adult & Paediatric Cushion
July 6, 2015
JAY Easy Wheelchair Back
JAY Easy Adult Wheelchair Back
July 6, 2015
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Jay 3 Carbon Adult Wheelchair Back from Wheelchairs Ireland

JAY 3 Carbon Adult Wheelchair Back

The Wheelchair support you need to be active

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Designed to provide an ultra lightweight and stylish backrest for active users, the J3 Carbon Wheelchair backrest provides firm stabilisation of the pelvis and lower spine to encourage an optimal spinal curve. This stability is needed for upper body movement to ensure you can maintain an active lifestyle. Apart from being exceptionally comfortable, it can also help to reduce back pain.

The force that’s generated when propelling your wheelchair is transferred more efficiently through a solid backrest into the frame. That means you’re generating greater movement of your wheelchair with less effort.

Click here to download the PDF for more information about the JAY 3 Carbon Adult Wheelchair Back.