RGK Octane from Wheelchairs Ireland
RGK Octane
June 10, 2015
JAY 2 Deep Contour Adult & Paediatric Cushion from Wheelchairs Ireland
JAY 2 Deep Contour Adult & Paediatric Cushion
June 10, 2015
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Jay GS Paediatric Cushion from Wheelchairs Ireland

Jay GS Paediatric Cushion

Designed for the paediatric client with moderate to aggressive asymmetric posture and high postural support requirements.

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  • Lightweight foam base with growth capability via well inserts and a wide range of postural support. Contracutre cuts to accommodate tight hamstrings
  • Jay Flow fluid pad
  • For added skin protection there is a pressure relief pad with more fluid
  • Incontinence resistant cover as standard (air exchange cover as option)

Clinical Application:

  • Designed for the client with symmetrical and asymmetrical posture to aggressive postural needs that change over time
  • Clients unable to weight shift; limited postural stability and unable to reposition
  • Designed to grow with the child

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