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June 11, 2015
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June 11, 2015
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Life & Mobility Match from Wheelchairs Ireland
Life & Mobility Match from Wheelchairs Ireland

Life & Mobility Match

Always the perfect Match


Always the perfect Match

The time when you needed two fully independent products, randomly combined, is a thing of the past. We are of the opinion that a unique, customised support seat should be supported by a worthy chassis. The clever combination of chassis and the selected seating orthosis should form a unity and be crash-test safe. This clever combination can be found in the Match seating othosis.

Key Features

  • The combination of the Match with a number of selected seating orthoses is crash test-safe
  • Available in push and self-riding models
  • The seat angle can be adjusted and reproduced to suit your preferences thanks to the clear seat angle indicator
  • Easily adjustable seat angle from -5 to 30 degrees
  • Adjustable limit for the seat angle range
  • The angle of the seat is easy to operate, with and without occupant
  • Wide range of seat height options, starting at 300 mm
  • Easy-to-operate brake
  • Adjustable balance point position, independent of the seat support offered
  • Feet and legs have plenty of room thanks to the adjustable track width of the front wheels
  • Safe transport thanks to attachment hooks for use in a minibus
  • Perfect ergonomic push position thanks to the easy-to-adjust push handle
  • Push model can be supplied with Aura push support