January 17, 2017
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March 6, 2017
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Life & Mobility Roxx

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Suitable for semi-active wheelchair users in a rehabilitation centres, nursing home, at home or at work. User needs to sit comfortably with proper support all day long. Suitable for those who can propel the chair easily themselves. Suitable for multi users without significant adjustments. The Roxx is an excellent choice in a variety of situations. The multifunctional wheelchair has a flexible modular system design. This system consists of an easily adjustable basic frame which can be fitted with different types of seats and backrests. The result is a durable wheelchair with many adjustment facilities that is comfortable to sit in, easy to handle and, thanks to its unique oval tubular frame, also looks good.

Key Features

  • A customized personal solution, irrespective of the size and state of health of the user.
  • Multifunctional, modular foldable frame to which all drive and wheelchair components can be added; the stable basic frame can be fitted with different wheel combinations, Matrixx seats, backrests and legrests.
  • Can be foot-propelled; the easy-to-fold frame offers plenty of room for the lower legs. The seat height can also be set to a lower position.
  • The ride characteristics of the wheelchair can be matched to the user’s requirements.
  • Multi-user suitability