Tilite Twist Lightweight Wheelchair from Wheelchairs Ireland
Tilite Twist Lightweight
June 16, 2015
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June 16, 2015
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Quickie Life Teen R Wheelchair from Wheelchairs Ireland

Quickie Life Teen R

The rigid wheelchair for a teenager on the move

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Live life to the full with the Quickie Life RT! Meeting your friends or going to school? Whatever your plans are for the day, the rigid-frame Life RT is strong, robust and offers the reliability you need for everyday life! Designed for an adolescent’s body size and needs, the Life RT is available with a fixed-front frame (with a choice of straight, abduction or inset front ends) or a swing-away hanger version.

Abduction Frame
This frame version offers 2.5cm abduction on each side, this gives more forward stability and allows easier forward transfers.

Safari Brake
The safari-brake in the skirtguard panel is carefully integrated for quick and easy braking without the need to lean forward, perfect for small children. There are options available for young adults and small children, ensuring that the Life RT suits your life.

Multiple Adjustable Axle Plate
The Life RT comes with an axle plate that enables the adjustment of rear seat height, increase or decrease the bucket in the chair. The centre of gravity can be adjusted from 2.3cm to 8.3cm, get the balance right for you and change it when your skills improve. Camber is also adjustable from 0º – 6º so that the most ergonomic set up can be achieved.

Carbon Platform Footplate
The most lightweight and stylish footplate with angle and depth adjustment, this can also be matched with the carbon sideguard for a sleek finish.

Click here to download the PDF for more information about the Quickie Life Teen R Wheelchair